Many opportunities exist today in the property market and it’s not untypical to find yourself with or having an interest in a property that would either suit a conversion into flatted units (apartments) or on the flip side, a flatted property that needs to be converted back into a single dwelling.

Limewood Build London has a wide experience and knowledge of such conversion projects and can offer a wide range of options and varying cost solutions in delivering all manner of end user designs tailored to suit your own specific needs and expectations.

Such conversion options can offer a property owner a potential means of long term or short term investment or realising a large family property in a chosen area where there are limited options for such residential accommodation.


Our design team are well versed in establishing and identifying pragmatic and functional designs that maximise usable space and optimise the market value of any such project or conversion. In addition, our construction team can ensure that all designs offer a practical and cost effective construction approach.

This ‘Whole Package’ approach ensures that any property owner or investor not only maximises the potential of the project but that project offers a high quality and desirable end product to potential purchasers or tenants.


Limewood Build London’s professional team ensure a consistency and continuity to the design and build process and ensure an effective value for money approach in the pre-construction stage thereby minimising any abortive or wasted costs whilst developing the design and seeking relevant approvals from local authority’s and other interested parties or stakeholders.

Our professional team can identify any and all considerations needed to deliver a high standard of service and product deliveryto our customers and their end users.


Conversion opportunities can occur in a number of ways whether from investment, inheritance or a change in circumstance, no matter the situation Limewood Build London can offer a design and build package to meet your specific needs or requirements.

We can also integrate our design and build service or aspects of that service with our bespoke and personal interior design service, this service allows you, the customer, to integrate the design and end product with the final look, in terms of fit and finish, of the overall design. By doing so we can help maximise the potential of the newly formed properties and ensure they appeal to either a larger target market or a specific end user all as part of an overall sales package or marketing tool.


So no matter the level or type of service required from our customers, Limewood Build London can offer a customised and tailor made solution to meet those requirements and measurably achieve any defined objectives within the Design and Build (Conversion) process.