Environmental Builders

Limewood Build London has also embraced the innovations and environmental drivers that now push our industry forward. To that end Limewood Build has ensured our staff are appropriately trained to meet those new industry standards and planning requirements.

In addition, as a company Limewood Build has a proud reputation as a considerate contractor and a company that strives to ensure its entire staff, customers and any 3rd parties that may be affected, a safe working environment. We have staff trained to assess and meet all health & safety matters in the design and construction process and ensure our compliance at all stages of that process.

As a company we are proud of our customer feedback and satisfaction levels so we are more than happy to provide where requested references to any potential customers.

There are now some strict requirements laid down that must be met and also guidelines in achieving higher objectives to offset the impact of this work to our environment. In doing so we must also attain a sustainable approach to meeting those objectives.

To that end Limewood Builders policy is to ensure there are a set of processes and requirements laid out throughout the building process and an auditable method of ensuring those are met. Limewood Builders also employs a standalone assessment and assessor to ensure not only our, as the builders, obligations are met but also that of the customers.

Of course it is understood that in meeting those requirements and objectives it is subject to the budgetary constraints of the customer, but by following an efficient and formulated assessment process we can provide the customer with the minimum of environmental objectives required but also with the options of utilising a higher level of those environmental objectives.

Limewood Builders have staff that are trained and hold recognised qualifications in ensuring compliance with all statutory obligations set out by legislation. Our staff have trained with many recognised agencies and trained in Domestic assessment and sustainable building methods as well as trained to carry out Code of Sustainable Homes assessments.