With an ever growing demand for more space, one solution has been to maximise a property’s existing footprint by utilising the ground below the property.

This is referred to in many ways including basement conversion, cellar conversion, basement construction, or split level construction.

All of these options provide the same end result and that is an additional living space below the existing footprint of the building or within the boundaries of the property itself.

Limewood Build London offers a specialist construction service to undertake all forms of basement work be it new construction or adaption or extension of an existing basement or cellar.

Our specialist water proofing team can ensure that all newly formed or existing subterranean works is suitably protected from the surrounding environment such as the soil and the water and damp that it harbours within its fabric.

Limewood Build London has a committed professional team who deal with all aspects of basement design and construction.

It is this professional team who would assist you in assessing the feasibility of utilising the area below your property and would be able to provide you with initial advice on likely costs and any other relevant issues including practicability.

Whether you require a basement construction specialist or a Whole Package (Design & Build) specialist then Limewood Build London can offer either of those options or provide a bespoke solution.

Which can be tailored to suit your requirements and is flexible enough to be adapted as the whole process evolves or if your requirements change.

Limewood Build London provide advice on all other matters that can impact your proposed project and that may not be something a customer might be aware of or need to consider including Local Planning, Building Regulations and Party Wall matters in addition we can undertake Risk and Value management assessments to identify potential risks to the project and assess their likely impacts to the project whether in terms of cost or time.

As well as our design and construction services Limewood Build London can provide a full interior design service from one of the UK’s most renowned interior designers whom we work with in partnership on larger projects or when required.

This design service can lift any additional space and give that space a really elegant and sumptuous look.