Limewood Build London offer a specialist service in providing loft conversions or loft extensions. Limewood Build London have a wide and expansive knowledge and experience in delivering loft conversion projects.

A loft conversion or loft extension can provide you and your family with a simple way to transform your existing loft space into a functional and practical living space which can improve your home and your use of the space within it. In addition, this new space can increase the value of your home and so can offer a potentially good investment for the future as well as meeting your present needs.

Limewood Build London offer their services across the South-East including London and utilises its own direct labour force so you can be confident of a consistency in our level of service provision and in our high standard of construction and finishing.

As well as our construction services, we can offer advice and feasibility services if you are still at the stage of considering a loft conversion and in addition we can provide a full management service designed to meet your specific requirements.

This enables you to choose how and when you would like us to get involved.We can offer a staged approach or a whole package service or as it is more commonly referred to a ‘Design and Build’ service.

Limewood Build London can, acting on your behalf, take control of the design process thereby utilising our own design team who will work closelywith you to develop your specific requirements and therefore ensure your design proposals are compliant in meeting your local authority’s requirements and through our working relationships with local authority’s we can deliver, with your agreement, a right first time approach to the proposed design and ensure the design approval.

This approach can help ensure that your design is not just approved but also buildable and cost effective.

This whole process ensures a continuity and therefore deliverability to your proposed project.

A loft conversion or extension can offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Creating additional living space
  • Potential investment in your home
  • Cost effectiveness (compared with other options)
  • Less procedural requirements, such as planning etc
  • Less impact on your existing living space as work progresses

In addition our complete package service can offer:

  • Full Feasibility and design service
  • Liaison with all interested parties, including Local Authority – Planning Department & Building Control, Statutory Authorities, Neighbours etc
  • Cost certainty
  • Continuity and consistency to your initial requirements and expectations
  • Full project management service removing your stress and your time that would be needed to bring all aspects of the process together.
  • Optional guarantee packages.