Whether you are looking to build a new property or looking to develop an existing property or land space then Limewood Build London can provide a multi-faceted service package that can meet any of your requirements in part or as a whole.

Limewood Build London has a proven track record of delivering property conversions and new build developments to meet any criterion. From feasibility in assessing market needs and design requirements to cost analysis, project management and delivering finished projects; no matter your requirements or the requirements of the proposed project, Limewood Build London can ensure that all pre-contract phase and post-contract phase considerations are identified and managed accordingly and that processes are formulated to meet the project specific needs of a successful delivery and end product.

You may be considering your own bespoke development to deliver a very personalised property for your own use or you might be considering developing land as an investment opportunity or indeed converting an existing property, be it a large residential or commercial building, into a number of individual residential properties or a change of use generally.

Limewood Build London, can tailor any service to suit your specific needs or alternatively provide you with a ‘Whole Package’ approach or ‘Design and Build’ service, which would effectively deliver a completed new build project to you ready for use or sale, depending on your objectives.

Alternatively, you might be looking to invest in property or a land opportunity, Limewood Build London can help you find suitable land or development opportunities or existing opportunities you may bring to us and assist you in assessing their potential before committing or risking any significant financial investment.

By utilising our nationwide and international network of land finders and development opportunities we can identify potential projects for your consideration and advise on feasibility, including risk and value management and cost analyses to ensure your consideration and options are informed and suitably considered prior to any significant financial commitment.

Should you be looking to realise an existing opportunity that has already been developed through the pre-construction or pre-contract process, then Limewood Build London can provide a contractors or construct service and are happy to offer a full contractors resource to its customers which through our supply chain partners and in-house construction team can offer a cost effective and value for money construction service.

New Build and Development Services include:

  • Assessing land and existing building development potential
  • Construction of new build developments from single to multiple units
  • Feasibility and land investment assessment advice
  • Land and development opportunity identification
  • Cost Analyses and Risk and Value Management
  • Delivering high specification & high quality builds