Health and Safety is a major part of any company or individual at work today regardless of the work or business being undertaken.

Limewood Build London is a keen advocate of ensuring the Health & Safety of all its employees and its customers including those that may be affected by the work being undertaken be it neighbours or people close to the work.

Limewood Build London has processes in place to ensure compliance with all Health & Safety matters. Whether in our offices or on our sites we have procedures to ensure compliance with our obligations.


Limewood Build London ensure our staff are trained to high standards when it comes to Health & Safety.

For the customer this compliance starts at the design stage and is an important part of any consideration when looking at the design and the work required achieving that design.

It is imperative that the access and working spaces will provide all trades men with a safe working environment and the materials they are required to use are also safe to work with.

More importantly we need to consider the Health & Safety of our customers and anyone who is either within the environment of the building work or is a visitor or passerby to it.

It is imperative we ensure within our assessments at any stage of the building process that we consider the impact of this work and its effect on the safety of others. Any building work we consider at design or during the building process must be formally assessed and any defined risks quantified and managed accordingly.

This is not only an important factor when undertaking the work but also when work has finished for the day or week and the building area is left unmanned.

It is at this time that preventable accidents can happen and by recognising this we can factor in a risk aversion strategy to ensure not only our obligations for Health & Safety are met but also the obligations of the customer’s who may also have some liability when it comes to meeting the Health & Safety regulations laid down in law.


So as a customer it is important that you are aware that just because you have a building company in to do your work that you are still potentially liable as the property or land owner.

Even if you don’t choose to use our services we strongly recommend that you ensure that whoever you do use is fully compliant with those obligations and fully explains to you exactly what your obligations may be.

Picking up on that point in the event of an accident occurring, which can happen even when the risk is managed correctly, you must satisfy yourself as a customer that your preferred builder is suitably insured to cover any damage or injury occurring during the building stage of the work required.